Fairy Garden

The talented team at Cold Creek Nurseries in Aiken, SC created a magical Fairy Garden in the side yard for my grandchildren and ME to enjoy. Watching Michaela, Connie, and Meredith transform the area into this whimsical garden was absolutely spellbinding!

I am grateful to VeryVera intern Emily Yates for chronicling the fairy garden's progression through her stunning photographs! Emily's beautiful photos enabled us to promote the Fairy Garden episode and allowed our friends at Cold Creek to showcase their wide-rane of talents! I'm also thrilled Emily was able to capture some shots of sweet Lucy as she frolicked among the flowers, plants, and tiny villages! 

As grandchildren Lucy, McCLendon, and Jane continue to love and enjoy “their” Fairy Garden, I feel most certain we will create new paths, friends, and play activities, making it an ever evolving and magical experience!
Remembering Ronnie


Each year as my birthday approaches, I remember how Ronnie and I used to joke about our February birthdays--how we were probably meant to be friends because we both had such hard heads and that people used to wonder why we were always together. He always called me baby, unless he was mad at me and then it was Ms. Stewart! A VeryVera event wasn’t complete without Ronnie. Nothing was planted in my yard without him and you could easily find us from day break until dusk when it was time to plant pansies, impatiens, or spread pine straw for the season. Work just wasn’t work when Ronnie was around.

I’ll never forget that call on December 23, 2007 saying that Ronnie had been rushed to the hospital. When I left work on Christmas Eve, I went straight to Doctor’s Hospital ICU and waited until I could go in. I held his hand and although he didn’t seem to know I was there….my heart tells me he did. He never woke back up. Ronnie died 2 days after my birthday on February 23. I think of him, especially during the month of February, and on this today. I can’t plant pansies in my yard to this day…just because those were ours. But this year I’m making a pledge to bring those back. This fall when everyone starts preparing their pansy beds, I’m going to prepare ours. I think Ronnie will be proud of my decision, and I promise that I will do my best to remember all his little tricks he used to use to guarantee that ours will look the best in town! 

You’re still a big part of my life, Ronnie. I miss you and will always love you.