About Vera

After 30 years of building a brand that represents soulful southern goodness, Georgia-grown hospitality and educating children in cooking and etiquette, Vera Stewart has decided to focus on the basics.  

Continuing to hold true to these principles, Vera is expanding the expertise that has made her a household name: writing a cookbook showcasing the delectable dishes that many grew to love; working alongside the best catering company in the state, Epting Events; and continuing to mentor the youth in the community.  She also has introduced Adult Classes NEW this Fall to accommodate Team Building for businesses and individual adult classes, as this has become a popular request.

Vera enjoys producing The VeryVera Show and motivating people through speaking on topics such as Female Entrepreneurship, the DREAM Theory and Growing your Business “One Layer at a Time.”  Her expertise in catering and logistics management has made the partnership with Epting Events executing high-end events for the Augusta area an easy transition.  She also is working as a consultant to do in-service training for wait staff and banquet management to teach professional service skills and protocol.

Vera is working closely with River Street Sweets in Savannah, Ga. to begin putting VeryVera cakes back in circulation in 2014. 

Working in the areas that showcase her creativity and management skills allows Vera to spend time with her family including grandchildren who affectionately call her Granny V. 

To book a speaking engagement or a Team Building workshop, please contact Vera at vera@veryvera.com.